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Documentários BBC: Indonésia Selvagem


Legenda: AQUI

Epi.01 - Island Castaways 
 Shrouded in mystery, Indonesia is a bizarre and beautiful
place. On the distant island of Komodo, we see heavyweight
Komodo dragons throwing themselves at each other as they do
battle for a mate. On Sulawesi, maleo birds incubate their
huge eggs in hot volcanic sand and the female red-knobbed
hornbill, also castaway on the island, walls herself up in
a tree hole for 3 months to protect herself and her chick
from harm.

epi.02 - Underwater Wonderland
 In Indonesia's underwater wonderland, flamboyant reef fish,
huge manta rays and shimmering schools of barracudas ride
the strong currents that flow between the 17,000 islands
that form the stepping-stones between Asia and Australia.
From the pygmy seahorse no larger than a fingernail, to the
mimic octopus that can change its body shape and behaviour
to suit its surroundings, we see the weird and wonderful
inhabitants of this underwater paradise.

Epi.03  Magical Forests
 Magical Forests enters the steamy jungles of Borneo, Sumatra
and Java, where highly endangered Asian elephants and hairy
rhinos still roam. Thousands of miles to the east, we visit
the New Guinea jungle, to find a spiny echidna, prowling the
forest floor whilst the little known tree-house people live
in fragile homes perched precariously in the highest
branches. From sluggish tree kangaroos to flying foxes,
Indonesia is a unique meeting point for wildlife from the
East and West.

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