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Aspects of Tectonic Faulting 

By W. van der Zee, F.K. Lehner, J.L. Urai

Aspects of Tectonic Faulting By W. van der Zee, F.K. Lehner, J.L. Urai
Publisher: Sp[ring]er 2000 | 226 Pages | ISBN: 3540657088 | PDF | 6 MB

This book provides an overview of modern approaches to the dynamics of tectonic faulting. The contributions were selected from papers which had been presented at a conference organized on the occasion of Georg Mandl's 70th birthday. The understanding of structural geology and the mechanics of tectonic faulting which was always in the center of his interest was substantially advanced by Mandl's work.
Topics covered are: Particle flow modelling, analog modelling techniques, large-scale tectonic models, onset of faulting above evaporites, dynamic triggering of earthquakes, growth of initially segmented fault zones.

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