domingo, 26 de maio de 2013


Evolution, 3ª Edição


Mark Ridley, "Evolution, 3rd Edition"
English | 2003 | 792 pages

Text tells the story of evolution, from the history of the study to the most recent developments in evolutionary theory. For undergraduate students. Previous edition: c1996. Softcover. DLC: Evolution (Biology).

This is one of the best and certainly the most complete and up–to–date evolutionary textbooks in the market. This book has undergone extensive and welcome upgrading in the successive editions, since I have seen the earlier editions. Though it is comprehensive, it is easily followable by the students. The author is well known in the field and that is a big plus point.

The pedagogical aids are very good, with chapter opening outlines, summaries and questions, etc. The colour plates are very good, and the associated website is also quite useful. Hence, we are taking this valuable book as additional required reading.–V. Lakshminarayanan


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