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SMF R 4710
At right is a subset of the large reptile tree highlighting relationships among mesosaurs, thalattosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
A tree of the Reptilia is here.
Thalattosauriformes, Mesosauria and Ichthyosauria
Evolution of the Mesosaurus palate
Above is a selection of palates from Mesosaurus and sister taxa showing the evolution and shifting of the various elments. As a side note, In Carroll 1988 (figure 12-31, taken from Andrews 1910) the palate of Ichthyosaurus was illustrated, labeling the bones lateral to the pterygoids as palatines and the central bones, vomers, all in accord with the palate of archosaurs, etc. Here we can see that the ectopterygoid is actually the bone lateral ot the pterygoid and the palatine has become the medial element in mesosaurs, thalattosaurs and ichthyosaurs.
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